An Open Letter To My Republican Friends

Election Day Tomato!

I wrote this open letter to my Republican friends to let them know it would all be OK.

Dear Republican friends,
I know today feels like the death of America and the end of the world all rolled into one. I’ve read your Facebook posts and tweets. Your guy lost. I get it. Now President Obama’s going to fulfill his nefarious plan to make America a socialist country, take away your guns, let immigrants run wild picking all manner of crops, and bankrupt us all. Hell, he’ll probably fulfill a portion of his plan while smoking a doobie and reading the Koran during a same-sex marriage ceremony in the Oval Office. We are surely going to hell in a hand basket.

This is fantasy though. Star Wars VII, that’s reality.

Oh, this will be a LONG FOUR YEARS … of healthcare for more Americans, a continued economic turnaround, support for marriage equality and women’s rights, a reduced tax burden for the middle and lower classes, the end of the War in Afghanistan, immigration reform, a renewed focus on climate change, etc, etc, etc.

Great things.

So even if you don’t believe your fellow Americans deserve to see a doctor, our economy is picking up, gays should have the right to marry, women should have power over their bodies, people richer than god should pay a greater share in taxes, a decade-old war needs to end, Latinos deserve opportunities like everyone else, or something should be done to try to curb global warming …. life goes on.

Just remember: No matter what the colors on the Election Day score card indicate, we play and root for the same team – America.

Have a great day!

PS: If my words did not alleviate your fears here is Bob Marley!

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