Beach Slang

Beach Slang – “Noisy Heaven”

“The night is alive, it’s loud and I’m drunk.”

As opening lines go, James Alex’s intro on “Noisy Heaven” is sublime – a blurry-eyed, present tense reverie whose veins run with 80 proof punk rock. The surging guitars that follow Alex’s opening salvo serve as tribute to the night’s total victory, any and all imperfections be damned. The sonic sum is like stage-diving into┬áthe waiting arms of the best night ever.

Alex captures the opening euphoria one more time for the road with the bridge’s closing line, “Good love is not safe,” a remark that lingers like a punch in the gut as the guitars emerge again full bore. Put simply: I love this shit. The only danger is playing it too much.

Prior to pop culture web site Grantland’s implosion last week, music writer Steven Hyden described Beach Slang’s The Things We Do To Find People Like Us as the best, most sincere rock record of 2015 – a rock’n’roll lifer cross between Japandroids and The Hold Steady. The fist-pumping passion and shout it out phrasing on “Noisy Heaven” lend credence to Hyden’s high praise, and will leave your ears and your heart howling for more.

At present, “Noisy Heaven” does not have a video on YouTube. I love this Beach Slang performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. So here ya go!

One thought on “Beach Slang – “Noisy Heaven””

  1. I’m way out of tune, turned up to eleven
    Floating around this noisy heaven
    Most of the words get stuck in my mouth
    But I mean all the ones that punch their way out!

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