On Breaking Bad Viewing Plans And The Show’s Kick-Ass “Ozymandias” Trailer

Is it Sunday yet?!

Sunday night I plan on watching “Blood Money”, the Season 5, Part 2 premiere of “Breaking Bad” here with a Walter White-inspired drink in hand. I had the joy of watching several episodes of Season 5, Part 1 at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, and highly recommend the experience of watching the show with a crowd.

Between now and Sunday I encourage you to catch up on the show with a little help from moi. Here are my archived notes on past episodes. You might also be interested in reading my 10 Burning “Breaking Bad” Questions piece from last fall.

This past week AMC released a teaser trailer for the final eight episodes in which Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston, read Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem “Ozymandias” to images of time passing in the New Mexico desert. It is a haunting clip. “Ozymandias” hints at “Breaking Bad”‘s conclusion, namely that Walter White’s empire will fall like all powerful empires do. This leads me to wonder: Will the show’s grand conclusion be that Walter White would have been better off dying a disappointment who left his family with little but grief? Is there any other way it can end based on the “Ozymandias” trailer?

I encourage you to visit this site each Monday for full recaps of the previous night’s episode.

Here is the “Ozymandias” trailer I referenced:

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