“Breaking Bad”: Season 5, Episode 7

Say My Name!

WARNING: Let me write my spoilers in peace, Walter. That’s “Breaking Bad” speak for SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!!!

“Top 1 episode ever.”

That’s how my friend, Matt “Don’t Call Me Joey” LeBlanc, described “Say My Name”, the second-to-last “Breaking Bad” episode of 2012. I didn’t ask him, but I think that was his way of saying best episode ever. Lofty praise, if so.

I watched “Say My Name” Monday night from a hotel room in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I mention this because Wyoming’s rugged, desolate landscape reminds me of New Mexico. And “Breaking Bad” is the only thing that saves either state, in my opinion.

“Say My Name” ripped my wannabe henchman heart out. Here are my abbreviated, solo tour across America thoughts on “Say My Name.”

A) What an amazing lead-in to Mike’s death. Walt could have had millions and a comfortable life for his family, but his ego got in the way, as Mike astutely pointed out. I knew as soon as Walt noticed the gun in Mike’s satchel that he would kill him. The fear that preceded Mike’s death – especially when the cops were onto him – humanized him even more prior to his murder. Yes, murder. Walt did not need to kill him, as he realized too late. His ego and pride again won out.

B) I observed the hashtag Team Jesse on Twitter Sunday night. I am a Team Jesse guy. He’s hurt a lot of people through the series – he’s a meth cook, after all – but there’s a human center to him. He’s damaged, but not beyond repair. Unfortunately, he just can’t leave Walt. It will be interesting to see how he responds to A) Mike’s death and B) Walt’s decision to use Todd as his side-cook.

C) So Walt is going to try to wipe out the nine guys in jail in the 2012 finale. Wanna bet he uses Todd’s cousins in jail to pull off the job? Yes, Mike said Todd was just flexing when he mentioned his cousins earlier in the season. It seemed like we wouldn’t see them. Now, I am 90 percent sure we will.

D) What does Walt do with Mike’s car? His body? Set the car on fire? Make it look like Mike made a run for it using some other means of transportation? Chemically dispose of his body? PS: I cannot believe Mike got caught unaware. The fact he didn’t have a gun made sense since he dumped his stash earlier in the episode, but it was shocking to see him go down without a fight.

E) The opening sequence with Walt’s “say my name” undressing of the meth distributor will be remembered as one of the best in the show’s history. I’d say it is “Top 1.” There ya go, Matt. Between the “say my name” line – Heisenberg at his peak – and Walt’s Coca-Cola Classic reference, it was the most gripping five-minute opening sequence since the show’s pilot.

F) Hank is a beast. Always has been. His decision to tail the lawyer was money (pun intended). I am rooting for Hank and Jesse. But as Walt alluded earlier in the season while watching Scarface, everyone dies in this film. So I am worried for them. Hank, for his job. Jesse, for his life.

G) So Walt is distributing through people he doesn’t know and using a cook he hardly knows. That does not strike me as a recipe for a long stay atop the throne. It does make for an explosive final nine episodes.

H) What are your thoughts? Predictions for Sunday’s 2012 finale, “Gliding Over All”?



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