“Cajun Justice” Sheriff Should Resign Following DWI Intervention

King Vernon Bourgeois

Three weeks from now, millions of Americans will be introduced to “Cajun Justice” on A&E. I encourage you to read my post on why this TV show is/was/will forever be a terrible idea.

The Cajun culture has already been raped enough by outsiders looking to make a quick buck. A&E’s show promises to be no different, with its laughable references to treacherous swamplands and “Rougarous” and bloated comparisons of Terrebonne Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois to a king.

The cable channel’s likening of Bourgeois to a king seemed oddly fitting today after my old newspaper broke a story that he intervened during a DWI arrest involving an alleged drunk man driving a golf cart. It turned out the suspect’s family donated to Bourgeois’ election campaign four years ago.

Regardless why Bourgeois asked his deputy to “give the man a break” the sheriff’s involvement suggested impropriety (i.e., he appeared to have repaid a favor for a family member of a political backer). I understand authorities have discretion, but you can rest assured Bourgeois would not have otherwise leaned on his deputy for any Average Joe facing a DWI charge.

You can also rest assured Bourgeois’ intervention was not representative of “Cajun Justice.” This incident made me wonder how many other times Bourgeois rescued political friends from legal trouble.

The sheriff’s retirement officially begins June 31 30. It should start sooner. Vernon Bourgeois should put an end to this undignified train wreck, and resign as sheriff. The people of Terrebonne Parish need someone who will represent their best interests onscreen and off.

10 thoughts on ““Cajun Justice” Sheriff Should Resign Following DWI Intervention”

    1. Seriously?
      What do you think he did when he “intervened during a DWI arrest”? Check his donation list and then proceed? Officers have the authority to use their discretion. Just because you got burned doesn’t mean that Bourgeois is serving his own ego.

      1. I got burned? How did I get burned? I can assure you I did not get burned. I disagree with Bourgeois leaning on his deputy. You can’t tell me, if you listened to the audio, that it did not sound like Bourgeois leaned on his deputy to cut the suspect free. This whole situation smells.

        PS: I said Bourgeois served his own ego with “Cajun Justice”. I did not write he served his ego with the DWI intervention.

        1. Tomato…….seriously?……..can you be honest and tell us the “REAL” reason that you are so against this Sheriff? Is there something else that we should know that has made you so driven to criticize? Hmmmmm we wonder?…..and thank goodness “Officer Discretion ” does play a part in Law Enforcement. It”s easier for a person to judge and sit back and WRITE negative comments on the outside of the incident looking in. ……There is never a 100% right choice to any situation, you just make a decision using human emotions utilizing your personal experiences and knowledge of the job…….kind of like choosing to write about a particular topic or “TERRIBLE” golf cart incident!!!!!

          1. Officer discretion certainly plays a role in law enforcement. This officer wanted to arrest the man. The sheriff intervened. He did so in a disingenuous way – because it would prevent headaches on Monday? You’re telling me that’s a reason why discretion should be used? I criticized Bourgeois because I strongly disagree with some of the decisions he’s made – particularly his decision to participate in a reality show that uses false stereotypes about Cajun people. He also mismanaged the department’s finances while he served as sheriff. Bourgeois is a perfect example of ego getting in the way of good governance.

  1. I came on this late. Did Vernon negotiate a contract with the producers of this “reality show” which actually cost the taxpayers money (cost more to accommodate the producers with overtime, etc. than what they paid the department)? Did Vernon use an expensive sports car rather than sell it to help with the short fall in the department balance sheet?

    I hope Vernon is enjoying his retirement, but apparently it was a really good idea for him to retire.

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