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NOLA Jazzfest's Schedule Is A Head-Scratcher

In January, I wrote a glowing post titled “Don’t Even Think About Skipping This Jazzfest” after the New Orleans festival released its lineup.

The presence of music luminaries, such as Arcade Fire, Lupe Fiasco, the Strokes, Lauryn Hill, and many others, piqued my interest. But alas I could not attend because I live in Portland, and did not have the money to make such a trip a reality.

After the release of Jazzfest’s schedule this week, I am significantly less bummed. The lineup is still great, but the schedule is atrocious. There is an important distinction to be made here.

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Learning To Cope: A Cajun Suffering Mardi Gras Withdrawal

I caught a lot of beads! YAH MON!

Portland is not a carnival town.┬áMaybe it’s the rampant veganism, the skinny jeans, or the cold+rain. Or the lack of Cajun and Creole influence. Whatever it is, the city doesn’t throw down like south Louisiana circa Mardi Gras time.

I miss Mardi Gras — the booze, the beads, the drunken boob flashings for beads, etc. — and that’s just in Thibodaux. The thought of experiencing another Endymion in New Orleans nearly makes my brain explode.

I am a professional paradegoer. But sometimes life gets out of control and you get down on one knee in a street cluttered with trash and propose to a Univ. of Texas co-ed with chicken on a stick. It happens.

I digress greatly. Mardi Gras is a time for losing yourself in frivolous pursuits. There’s nothing like seeing two grown men fight over a dollar store trinket. Seriously guys, you should charge people if you’re gonna put on a show. Ah hell, don’t listen to me. Just fight in the middle of the street, you know you wanna.

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RIP Demitasse/Reflections On Facebook As A News Source

Tonight, as I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I learned the disheartening news that the coffee/sandwich shop Demitasse was burning down in my old town of Thibodaux, La.

After spotting this on a friend’s status, I reached for my phone and called my old coworkers at the town’s newspaper to alert them. A reporter was already on the scene, of course. I returned to refreshing my Facebook page.

The news from the home front — in this case, my Facebook news feed and my coworkers — was grim. The Demitasse and Debbie’s Antiques, which are housed in the same building, were fully engulfed in flames.

Eventually photos and iPhone video emerged on Facebook. They confirmed the worst. The local newspaper’s web site also posted breaking news about the fire.

This event is significant for two reasons: The Demitasse and Debbie’s Antiques are treasures of Thibodaux — a town beseeched by corporate fast food chains and sorely lacking in local charm — and this is the first time I can recall watching a local news event unfold on my Facebook news feed.

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