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Cajun Tomato’s NYC 100: “My First NYC Mistake”

This is the fourth installment of Cajun Tomato’s NYC 100, my daily series chronicling my experiences and observations as a new New Yorker.

Earlier this week I decided I would watch LSU’s football game against Florida at a bar with other Tigers fans. In New York City that means watching the game at Legend’s in Manhattan. I knew this prior to Saturday, and yet I chose a different location. Put in football terms: I picked up the ball and ran the wrong way.

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Cajun Tomato’s NYC 100: “Michael Jordan”

Can't beat MJ's meat

This is the third installment of Cajun Tomato’s NYC 100, an ongoing daily series chronicling my experiences and observations as a new New Yorker.

While working a yogurt promo Friday outside Grand Central Terminal, I performed an unpaid, unscientific survey of Michael Jordan’s global icon status. I’ll get to my findings below.

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Cajun Tomato’s NYC 100: “Layaway Pizza”

This is Day 2 of my ongoing series, Cajun Tomato’s NYC 100, to chronicle my New York City experiences and observations.

En route to work Thursday I stepped inside Tommy’s Grill, one of Washington Heights’ hole in the wall diners, to grab two slices of cheese pizza. I sampled their pizza earlier in the week. My review: thick cheese, minimal sauce, greasy, perfect for speed eating before a subway ride.

I ordered Thursday afternoon and then pulled out my debit card. The hulking, bald man behind the counter shook his head solemnly. “Our card machine’s not working,” he informed me.

I assured him this was OK and pivoted to my left to leave.

“You don’t have to pay for the pizza now. Just pay for it next time,” he instructed me.

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Cajun Tomato’s NYC 100: “Bird Poop Pants”

On the subway Thursday afternoon while fretting about arriving to work on time I had a sane idea. Over the next 100 days, I will write about New York City each day. Each post will be between 100-300 words and focus on my experiences and observations as a new New Yorker (me). Here’s Day 1.

The white streaks staining my khaki pants below the knees remind me of bird poop. They’re not the work of a rogue squadron of pigeons though. They just look that way to me at 1:24 in the morning.

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On Watching Mets History, Achieving Personal Milestone At Citi Field

Citi Field minus Mets fans

In a half-empty stadium – where the one thing that truly mattered was the smoky bacon dipping sauce for my “frites” – I unexpectedly watched a bit of New York City sports history Monday night from the right field bleachers while also achieving a personal milestone, of sorts.

David Wright, the New York Mets’ oft-injured third baseman, broke the team’s record for all-time hits during a 6-0 win over the punchless Pittsburgh Pirates. Wright’s achievement added significance to an otherwise meaningless September ballgame for two teams whose seasons are running short on time.

The game’s other takeaway: I avoided being thrown out of the stadium. This might seem inconsequential. And it would have been if not for my experience at Yankee Stadium in July. Wednesday night marked the first time I attended a New York City sporting event in its entirety without being escorted out by security.

Like I said, personal milestone.

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