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True Detective Season 2 Episode 6: 10 Thoughts

Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams) goes knives out at an orgy in this week's True Detective. Photo: HBO/Lacey Terrell

Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams) goes knives out at an orgy in this week’s True Detective. Photo: HBO/Lacey Terrell

Spoiler Alert: Old white men popping Viagra like there’s no tomorrow up ahead.

I found myself in a conflicted, possibly nonsensical head space after watching “Church in Ruins,” the sixth episode of True Detective‘s oft-criticized second season. I still don’t give a damn about any of the main characters outside Velcoro (Colin Farrell) yet with two hours left in this season I am invested in how the story ends. That doesn’t mean I am expecting some form of redemption depicted on-screen but I am no longer expecting my time will be wasted, either.

Don’t let me down, Pizzolatto. (Show creator/lead writer Nic Pizzolatto, that is.)

Below are 10 thoughts from True Detective Season 2 Episode 6.

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True Detective Season 2 Episode 4: 10 Thoughts

Taylor Kitsch, master thespian.

Taylor Kitsch, master thespian.

Spoilers Ahead: If you are not caught up on HBO’s True Detective, you might want to arm yourself … to the teeth.

Old Testament bloodbaths. Green and Black auras. Baby talk involving men who have trouble getting it up.

Tonight’s True Detective episode titled “Down Will Come” took its protagonists’ already shitty existences, shook ‘em up and sent them free-falling toward hard truths about themselves and the case they’re investigating, all the while killing the equivalent of half Vinci’s population. What a bloody spectacle.

Here are 10 thoughts from True Detective Season 2 Episode 4:

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True Detective Season 2 Episode 2: RIP Ray Velcoro?

Am I dead or am I not? Answer the damn question.

Am I dead or am I not? Answer the damn question.

Spoiler Alert: If you are not up to speed on the second season of HBO’s True Detective you might want to avert your eyes.

On Saturday night at the tail end of a game of drunk UNO I witnessed grown men drop atomic shade on one another over a disagreement about the second season of HBO’s True Detective. One combatant remarked he saw no way this season wouldn’t suck given the action movie director who helmed the first two episodes – and a few other reasons that were lost in my mind’s surf. His opponent called bullshit on him for not seeing the first episode before desecrating the show. Pretty soon people were red in the face and yeah, our UNO game went to shit. Shame too because I was one card away from calling UNO.

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True Detective Season 2 Episode 1: 10 Thoughts

True Detective's real hero: Colin Farrell's 'stache.

True Detective’s real hero: Colin Farrell’s ‘stache.

Noted New Jersey nihilist, uh former journalist, Lloyd Nelson suggested I write about the second season of HBO’s True Detective for shits, giggles and page views. Told me, I would have to pay him for his next good idea. Alas, I am waiting for the hedge fund millions to roll in, not to mention Good Idea Numero Dos, before I fork over any bit coin.

In the weeks leading up to its premiere, the True Detective Season Two Kinda Sucks narrative became all the rage among critical types. Stories circled about creator Nic Pizzolato’s insufferable auteur act, this season’s lack of compelling characters and its predilection for flyover shots of L.A. instead of anything plot-related. This critical piling on served as a stark contrast to the critical love fest that showered Season One.

It’s too early to brand the show DOA. I mean, Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle from the first season is not coming to save it with his unique brand of nihilism but Colin Farrell’s Ray Velcoro, he of the impressive ‘stache and bolo tie collection, will find me and break my face if I write this season off too soon. Ah, yes. Living in fear of crooked police. That’s not anything we’ve heard about in 2015.

Here’s 10 thoughts from True Detective Season 2 Episode 1 ranging from the inane to the profound (uh, maybe not). Here’s a good time to stop reading if you haven’t watched the episode because spoilers will rear their heads.

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Top 10 Anecdotes From Attending Late Show With David Letterman

I stared at this sign for a half-hour. I don't recommend following my example.

I stared at this sign for a half-hour. I don’t recommend following my example.

Cajun Tomato’s NYC 100 is a periodic series chronicling my experiences and observations as a New Yorker. Today’s post No. 41 recaps my first trip to see the Late Show with David Letterman.

Here are 10 things I learned about the CBS Late Show with David Letterman when I attended the show on a whim last Monday. Earlier this month Letterman announced his retirement effective 2015 from the Late Show.

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Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 14

King no more

WARNING: Lots of tears, lot of spoilers, lots of tears caused by spoilers.

Here is, unedited, an email I sent to my friend Matt on Monday afternoon, the day after “Ozymandias” aired. It addresses concerns I expressed about the previous week’s ending backing show creator Vince Gilligan into a corner, with respect to the fate of Walt’s brother-in-law Hank and how his death or reprieve from death would transport the show down a path I did not want to see it travel (namely: Walt vs. the neo-Nazis, with a sliver of redemption for Walt at stake).

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Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 11

Professor Thoms viewing party poster

WARNING: Spoilers. Guacamole. Spoilers.

I have this irrational viewing tic where anytime Jesse Pinkman encounters danger on “Breaking Bad” I fear he might die. I say this is irrational because Pinkman is the show’s moral compass and because the actor who plays him – Aaron Paul – is a gem. Jesse will make it … at least until this upcoming Sunday night’s episode.

Which is more than I expected, I admit. I started bracing myself for Pinkman’s demise during the commercial break prior to the final scene in last Sunday’s episode titled “Confessions”. I just had a bad feeling. I’ve had that feeling before and was wrong – WAY WRONG. This time though I just knew, and then I learned I didn’t.

Keep this in mind while reading more thoughts about “Breaking Bad” Season 5, Episode 11 “Confessions” and the show’s final five episodes.

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“Breaking Bad”: Season 5, Episode 10

Professor Thoms viewing party poster

WARNING: Tossin’ out spoilers like Pinkman tossin’ fat stacks, caring not whether I get caught.

As we walked west toward Union Square Sunday night my friend Shaheim suggested he might take a break from TV after “Breaking Bad” wrapped. No need for an explanation. I understood his rationale and agreed. Nothing will measure up.

We watched Sunday’s episode “Buried” with 100 or so devotees crammed into the second floor of Professor Thoms on Second Avenue in Manhattan. The crowd’s roars of approval following key moments – Marie slapping Skyler, Hank entering the interrogation room, etc. – reminded me of watching a sporting event – say the Yankees-Red Sox game on ESPN – more than a scripted drama on AMC. You might recall I had quite the opposite experience watching the midseason premiere at Canal Bar in Brooklyn.

This week’s episode, packed with explosive scene after explosive scene, tempted me to dive into a pool of hyperbole. I might have even told a few friends the final season of “Breaking Bad” has the potential to rate as the best television season I’ve ever watched. With six episodes left until Walter White meets his fate that’s not hyperbole.

Here is my recap from the exhilarating Season 5, Episode 10 titled “Buried”.

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Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 9

Tread lightly past the screen door, y'all

SPOILER ALERT: Watch the episode before reading this post.

I crossed boroughs Sunday night to watch the “Breaking Bad” premiere, only to learn my venue of choice – Union Hall in Brooklyn – had reached capacity long before my arrival. When you cross boroughs for a television show – or anything, for that matter – failure is not an option. Such is the hassle that crossing boroughs involves.

So my friend Shaheim and I set out on foot for option No. 2, Halyard’s, resigned to the likelihood it too would be at capacity. And then what?

On the brink of despair with the premiere five minutes away, and still blocks away from Halyards, I spotted Canal Bar, an unlikely candidate for a “Breaking Bad” screening but what the hell. Did I mention we were desperate? Inside, the accommodating blonde bartender, praise her unknown name, switched the TV from an anonymous sports program to AMC right as the opening sequence of “Breaking Bad” unfolded.

Sure, Canal Bar lacked the “Breaking Bad” inspired drinks and nerdy camaraderie Union Hall promised but it made up for it with a red Kool-Aid and rum concoction called “Jungle Juice” and the drunk woman at bar’s end who sounded like she had a megaphone taped to her mouth. She, regrettably, did not come with a mute button. I tuned her out best I could and basked in the excellence on the screen.

Here are my thoughts on “Blood Money”, in no particular order:

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On Breaking Bad Viewing Plans And The Show’s Kick-Ass “Ozymandias” Trailer

Is it Sunday yet?!

Sunday night I plan on watching “Blood Money”, the Season 5, Part 2 premiere of “Breaking Bad” here with a Walter White-inspired drink in hand. I had the joy of watching several episodes of Season 5, Part 1 at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, and highly recommend the experience of watching the show with a crowd.

Between now and Sunday I encourage you to catch up on the show with a little help from moi. Here are my archived notes on past episodes. You might also be interested in reading my 10 Burning “Breaking Bad” Questions piece from last fall.

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