Coachella 2012 Playlist (Friday Edition)

Christopher Owens of Girls

Two weeks from today, I will be in Indio, Calif., for the mega-festival known as Coachella.

Coachella’s organizers have not released the schedule for the weekend yet. It’s driving me nuts. I want to fret over the tough decisions I am sure await.

The bands I listed here are bands I would see if everything were equal. Scratch that last sentence. Nothing is equal at a major festival. I’ll be lucky to see three of these bands.

Of the nine bands/performers I listed the only two I have seen live are up and coming Cali rapper Kendrick Lamar and indie darlings Girls.

I need to see WU LYF. I don’t understand why. It’s like a compulsion. I need gibberish rock’n’roll. I just do. Oh, and I need to see the Black Keys and get wound up and jump up and down like a kangaroo.

Click the link to play tunes!

Coachella 2012 (Friday) by Raymond legendre on Grooveshark

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