New Higher Ed Cuts Prove Gov. Bobby Jindal Failed Louisiana’s Young Adults

Jindal pretends to care

Bobby Jindal, Veep candidate.

Four of the grossest words in the English language.

I remember when Jindal ran for governor of Louisiana he pledged to give the state’s young adults a reason to stay. It sounded too good to be true then, like electioneering pipe dreams. Now, it strikes me as a joke where the punchline is the listener getting punched in the gut. (NOTE: I posted Jindal’s campaign video below.)

Today I read a report that the state had slashed $66 million from its university system. Among the universities forced to absorb millions in cuts was my alma mater, Nicholls State University. This, sadly, is nothing new during Jindal’s reign. Louisiana has cut its university system five times since 2008, slashing $420 million from higher education.

I repeat: $420 million from higher education!!!

How can Jindal, then, say he kept his promise to make Louisiana a place its young residents would want to stay? He can’t. I know several people who have left the state in recent years or are planning on doing so in order to find opportunities. I am an example of this.

Louisiana need not be a third-world country. It has oil, seafood, and tourism. That industry trifecta should at least give south Louisiana, in particular, a fighting chance. But no, the game is rigged.

In Jindal, the state has a leader obsessed with the White House. Why else would he be circling the nation on his own warped version of the Watch the Throne tour? His groupies are 1 percent fat cats. Jindal sees stars and Washington, D.C., in his brown eyes. He does not see Louisiana’s future.

Jindal’s push for privatization of schools and healthcare have mucked things up further. His decision to turn down stimulus dollars and fight national healthcare initiatives seem cruel, given how poor of a state Louisiana is. Speaking of cruel, there is also Louisiana’s designation as the world’s prison capital – while Jindal is not directly responsible for this he is still the governor of this gulag.

It also strikes me as odd that a conservative governor like Jindal would claim to be for less government yet use government (i.e., taxpayer dollars) to place kids in schools that don’t have the resources to accommodate more students.

Oh, wait. That’s not conservative, at all.

Jindal is a turbo-talking, bird-chested, used car salesman whose status as such is an insult to used car salesmen everywhere. If the God that he so frequently references is a just God, Bobby Jindal will not be GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential pick this fall. Sadly for Louisiana, that would mean four more years of Jindal plotting his course for the White House at his state’s expense.

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