Poetry: Notorious B.I.G.+ Hippie Mashup

NOTE: I am in the midst of drinking my weight in white chocolate mochas on this sun-drenched Sunday afternoon in Portland. Outside Peet’s Coffee on Hawthorne is an eternally stoned hippie Jesus and his hippie lass (think: Miley Cyrus washed-up at 28 with horrendous green arm tats). For some reason, this hippie power duo called to mind Notorious B.I.G., specifically his timeless smash “Hypnotize.” Check it!

Hippie, hippie, hippie, can’t you see
Sometimes your bongos just hypnotize me
And I just love your woodsy ways
Guess that’s why they so clean, and you’re so unbathed (uh!)

PS: Awww! The bearded hippie man stopped playing his bongos to flash a peace sign at a little girl. Somewhere a hippie just got his dreads!!!!

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