David Vitter

Really Times-Picayune? David Vitter for Governor?

These days, my hometown rag The Times-Picayune is skinnier than an Olsen twin, and about as knowledgeable on New Orleans as Mary-Kate and Ashley combined. The paper’s sagging finances and decreasing news hole – similar maladies afflict old media enterprises across the nation – is no excuse for its editorial board’s recent brain fart, uh decision, to back Sen. David Vitter for governor.

My home state has had its string of criminals, incompetents and racists run for and, more often than not, win the governor’s race. Our current governor, Bobby Jindal, is a one-man, pencil-chested Biblical plague on our state and a kids table footnote in the ongoing GOP presidential race. So, whoever takes the reins from Jindal in Louisiana will be gifted with the label of “Can’t possibly do worse.”

Vitter makes me wonder though. Can we do worse?  He’s a creep and a hypocrite and a national punchline. Sometimes when he thinks really hard his chin seems to revert into his neck like a turtle taking refuge in its shell.

And yet, this nasal-voiced, diaper-wearing turtle – the one who skipped a recent governor’s debate –  is the T-P editorial board’s answer to Bobby the Snake Oil Salesman.

We can’t go on like this. Our state needs a committed, resolute chief executive with a desire to govern and a plan to lead on many fronts.

David Vitter is that leader.

Calling David Vitter a leader is akin to calling failed gubernatorial candidate and KKK leader David Duke a civil rights defender. It just makes no sense. Vitter’s chief claim to fame is paying for sex – rumor had it he wore diapers. A) That’s not how a senator representing a floundering state shows, um, strong leadership and b) You are no longer a family values candidate when you’re banging prostitutes – diaper or no diaper.

This is who David Vitter is: a charlatan. The T-P provided him a pass by not bringing up this incident – or his quiet game handling of it. They also provided him a pass saying he would work with state legislators because he has “witnessed the paralysis” that partisanship has caused in Washington, D.C. The T-P turns him into a passive observer. He participated in said paralysis, and his ability to accomplish much of anything is questionable. (Also: Who is paying millions to ensure Vitter’s election? The T-P doesn’t use the word transparent in its endorsement, and for good reason.)

The T-P concludes with the ole “You should marry him because he won’t cheat on you” logic. Well, that’s just rich. Vitter won’t leave the state as often as Jindal. Therefore, we should just say “I do” and live happily ever after. (It’s worth noting the T-P also seems to be buying Vitter because he’s the favorite in the race.)

Sen. Vitter’s highest ambition is to lead this state as its governor. He promises to be devoted to that job, to work hard and to be reachable. We take him at his word, and we believe he has the ideas, the experience and the skills to help Louisiana thrive.

Here’s a novel idea: Don’t take the Times-Picayune’s word about David Vitter. This endorsement is just more proof of the debacle this once proud journalism enterprise has become.

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