“Rougarou” Talk Says All You Need To Know About A&E’s “Cajun Justice”

Rarely in life does the term “Rougarou” say it all. A&E’s press release for its upcoming “Cajun Justice” reality TV show starring the Terrebonne (La.) Sheriff’s Office is one of those times.

To call this “reality” show, set to debut June 7, a farce is too kind. To call former Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois a publicity hungry shyster is perhaps just right.

Clearly, “Cajun Justice” is less about a law-enforcement department serving its community than it is a sheriff serving his ego. It is my belief Bourgeois should resign now.

This is the same Vernon Bourgeois who left the Terrebonne Sheriff’s Office facing layoffs due to his poor managerial decisions. It’s also the same Bourgeois who agreed to start filming a show then called “Cajun Blue” without a contract!!!

There is no one else to blame for this gator-sized debacle than Bourgeois, who is retiring next month. As A&E’s release noted, he ran his department with “extraordinary power.”

That is a hoot.

Bourgeois had the power. He didn’t know what to do with the power. He pissed away the power.

End of story.

Except it’s not.

There’s that “Rougarou” debacle.

Yes, it will please Bovine America to learn the Terrebonne Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about a mythical, shape-shifting swamp monster … and Bourgeois allowed a film crew to tape this. BA, as I will refer to Bovine America, will get a charge out of this.

BA will get a kick out of Bourgeois and his “signature style” too. What Bourgeois’ signature style is A&E did not say. That’s probably for the best. I’d describe Bourgeois’ “signature style” as “tanorexic, good ‘ole boy meathead” but that’s just me. I’ve only spoken to/met Bourgeois a handful of times.

Bourgeois turned a loathsome triple play with “Cajun Justice”, from what I have seen and read. He misrepresented himself, his department, and the Cajun people.

That last one will go over well. “Swamp People” is winning the ratings battle for the History Channel. Maybe “Cajun Justice” will do similar wonders for A&E.

Perhaps Bourgeois’ lasting legacy will not be one of fiscal irresponsibility or an ill-conceived desire for the bright lights. Perhaps, it will be BA laughing at his department.

Cajun Justice? … More like Cajun Injustice.

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