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“Breaking Bad”: Season 5, Episode 7

Say My Name!

WARNING: Let me write my spoilers in peace, Walter. That’s “Breaking Bad” speak for SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!!!

“Top 1 episode ever.”

That’s how my friend, Matt “Don’t Call Me Joey” LeBlanc, described “Say My Name”, the second-to-last “Breaking Bad” episode of 2012. I didn’t ask him, but I think that was his way of saying best episode ever. Lofty praise, if so.

I watched “Say My Name” Monday night from a hotel room in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I mention this because Wyoming’s rugged, desolate landscape reminds me of New Mexico. And “Breaking Bad” is the only thing that saves either state, in my opinion.

“Say My Name” ripped my wannabe henchman heart out. Here are my abbreviated, solo tour across America thoughts on “Say My Name.”

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