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“Breaking Bad”: Season 5, Episode 10

Professor Thoms viewing party poster

WARNING: Tossin’ out spoilers like Pinkman tossin’ fat stacks, caring not whether I get caught.

As we walked west toward Union Square Sunday night my friend Shaheim suggested he might take a break from TV after “Breaking Bad” wrapped. No need for an explanation. I understood his rationale and agreed. Nothing will measure up.

We watched Sunday’s episode “Buried” with 100 or so devotees crammed into the second floor of Professor Thoms on Second Avenue in Manhattan. The crowd’s roars of approval following key moments – Marie slapping Skyler, Hank entering the interrogation room, etc. – reminded me of watching a sporting event – say the Yankees-Red Sox game on ESPN – more than a scripted drama on AMC. You might recall I had quite the opposite experience watching the midseason premiere at Canal Bar in Brooklyn.

This week’s episode, packed with explosive scene after explosive scene, tempted me to dive into a pool of hyperbole. I might have even told a few friends the final season of “Breaking Bad” has the potential to rate as the best television season I’ve ever watched. With six episodes left until Walter White meets his fate that’s not hyperbole.

Here is my recap from the exhilarating Season 5, Episode 10 titled “Buried”.

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