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Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 14

King no more

WARNING: Lots of tears, lot of spoilers, lots of tears caused by spoilers.

Here is, unedited, an email I sent to my friend Matt on Monday afternoon, the day after “Ozymandias” aired. It addresses concerns I expressed about the previous week’s ending backing show creator Vince Gilligan into a corner, with respect to the fate of Walt’s brother-in-law Hank and how his death or reprieve from death would transport the show down a path I did not want to see it travel (namely: Walt vs. the neo-Nazis, with a sliver of redemption for Walt at stake).

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10 Burning “Breaking Bad” Questions

What happens to this guy?

WARNING: Spoilers, conjecture, and nonsense ahead.

This week “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan revealed what fans have been wondering forever: Walt Jr.’s favorite breakfast food. Nom nom nom!

Season 5’s 2012 finale left me wanting more. Only the conclusion of AMC’s best show – sorry “Mad Men” fans – will not happen until 2013. That leaves a lot of time for guessing what will happen. Dammit, I’m just not ready for “Football Night in America” yet. I want “Breaking Bad” back.

Here are 10 questions I hope Gilligan and the show’s writers will answer in Season 5, Part 2, including one question submission from New Jersey’s own Robert Zullo.

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