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“Breaking Bad” Season 5, Episode 2

WARNING: Spoilers, SPOILERS, and Cajun kick-ass sauce BELOW!!!!

The only disappointing thing about this week’s episode of “Breaking Bad” was that it had no moments that made me think of Juggalos. I am joking of course. Episode 2 might go down as one of the series’ finest episodes. It was a white knuckle ride to the finish and raised the bar for the rest of the final season (if that were possible).

Here, in honor of Lydia’s list, are 11 thoughts about this week’s episode, “Madrigal”:

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Cajun Tomato Archives: AMC’s “Breaking Bad”

Can't wait for Season 5!

AMC’s “Breaking Bad” is the best television show around. If you have seen it you know this. If you have not seen it then you need to get acquainted before Season 5 starts.

Here at the Cajun Tomato, months-old “Breaking Bad” posts continue to draw traffic on a daily basis. I should not be surprised. The show’s fanbase is rabid.

Below, I have posted articles I wrote about “Breaking Bad” during and after its magnificent fourth season. These feature spoilers, so if you have not seen the show you probably should bypass reading them until you have caught up.

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