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New menus equals more Cajun Tomato to love.

New menus equals more Cajun Tomato to love.

OK, about that broken caps lock treatment …

This weekend I created drop-down menus on this site with help from my pal, Lloyd “I Hate Seattle” Nelson. You can find them in the top right-hand corner of the home page. That means an easier, more streamlined experience for Cajun Tomato readers.

Some highlights:

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A $1 For The New York Times Online: Evaluating My Role As a Media Consumer

Today's promotion

The past month or so I considered buying a online subscription to the New York Times, and the wealth of information it provides. But I postponed doing so, if I were being honest, because I balked at paying for information, much of which, I could have received elsewhere at no cost.

Today I pulled the trigger. The reason? I saw a promotion across the top of the front page that said, 4 Weeks for 99 cents. Yes, 99 cents for a month’s worth of content from this country’s preeminent news source – unless you consider sites like TMZ or Perez Hilton news sources. The price rises to $3.75 per week, or $15 per month, once the first month ends. Overall, a bargain in my book.

Purchasing a New York Times subscription or a subscription to the New Yorker or any number of magazines I read online for free has been something I’ve been thinking about as part of a larger question. That question is, what responsibility do I have as a consumer to support news organizations or entertainers whose information/art plays a large role in forming my worldview?

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Quote Of The Day Via Author Richard Ford

I came away from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Ford’s book-reading this afternoon at Powell’s with fascinating insight into his writing process, motivation for writing, and day-to-day life as a writer. Not to mention, I also scored an autographed copy of his latest novel, Canada, and a parking ticket – the latter of which did not come from Ford.

I wanted to share one thing Ford said, in particular. During the Q&A portion of Ford’s appearance, an audience member asked him whether he found imperfections in his work, now that it was on shelves. Ford answered the question in a roundabout way, noting he did the best he could in the time provided, and then released the book into the world.

In essence, he said he saw no point in holding the book two more years to see how he felt about it then.

“Do it now,” Ford said about his process. “Do the best you can. Get on with it.”

That’s a pretty good credo to live by, whether you’re writing a book or doing any number of things, I thought. Give what you have at that moment in time and then move on. I like it.

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Onward To Corvallis On This Saturday?

Donald would disapprove of the headline

I was in a rush to get to Corvallis when I first arrived in Portland.

I know that sounds weird. What Oregon resident is ever in a rush to get to Corvallis?

I was. I held a ticket to arguably the biggest Civil War college football game ever – Oregon playing at Oregon State for the right to play in the 2011 BCS National Championship Game. And as a new Oregonian, it was imperative I make it to the game.

Since then, I haven’t been back to Corvallis. Cue the standard Portland response: “You aren’t missing much.” Overall, I have traveled south of Portland about five times total in 18 months living here, and I do feel like I am missing something. Whether I am missing Corvallis is another story.

Today might be one of those blessed days where I get on Interstate 5 and aim south – just for the hell of it.

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Track Review: “Survival Tactics” by Joey BADA$$ and Capital STEEZ

The young BADA$$. photo via Steveography

Is Joey BADA$$, the ballyhooed 17-year-old Brooklyn MC, the ghost of “real hip-hop” past returned to take back the throne from impostors drunk on ho’s, weed, and greed?

Maybe. Maybe not. One song does not a savior make. One song, however, can raise the hopes of the faithful.

That song in Joey BADA$$’s case is “Survival Tactics” featuring Pro Era teammate Capital STEEZ, off the former’s soon-to-be released mixtape, 1999. Both rappers evoke an urban realism that feels primal, authentic, and now. Even if their “now” sounds like the mid-1990s, “Survival Tactics” rises above mere imitation.

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Five Musicfest NW 2012 Acts I’m Most Excited About

Last year's snazzy logo

Honestly, this post could have been titled “Two Musicfest NW Acts I’m Excited About” because when the Portland festival’s lineup dropped Wednesday two names rose above all others.

But writing a two performer list kind of struck me as lazy. So I tacked on three more names, and here’s what I came up with. PS: You can view Musicfest NW’s lineup here.

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All The Profane Timbers Army Chants (Not) Fit To Print

Cover your eyes!

NOTE: The Timbers Army chants juvenile, R-rated things from time to time. If you are offended by such expressions then I recommend A) you not stand with the Timbers Army and B) read one of my hundreds of other posts. Thanks!

I stood with the Timbers Army Saturday night when the Portland side hosted the Vancouver Whitecaps inside Jeld-Wen Stadium. The match marked my first time in a year seeing Portland’s Major League Soccer team play.

For the record: I don’t consider myself a Timbers fan or an MLS fan, in general. I couldn’t tell you the Timbers record. I do, however, enjoy the rowdy nature of their crowds. The Timbers Army reminds me of a more harmonious, less plastered New Orleans Saints crowd.

I forgot over the past 12 months the Timbers Army could make a sailor in a whorehouse blush with its inventive use of profanities in song.

Here are some of the Timbers Army songs I heard Saturday, plus photos I took while there. The match ended in a 1-all draw. Both teams scored in the second half.

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Dad’s Summer Jam: Let’s Have A Party

Toby Keith and his favorite cup

The race for Summer Jam 2012 is a wide-open affair at the moment. But if I had to select a song now, it would be Icona Pop’s “I Love It”, with its ear-grabbing lyric, “You’re from the 70’s but I’m a 90’s bitch.”

I also love love love Japandroids’ “Younger Us”, a song that initially came out in 2010, but is on the duo’s fantastic new record, Celebration Rock.

My dad, Ray Jr., has already discovered his 2012 summer jam.

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Live Review: Lemolo @ Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland

Meagan Grandall and Kendra Cox (via kexp.org)

Seattle duo Lemolo capture a slice of the Pacific Northwest filled with wonder, longing, and allure – one where even gray skies seem appealing. When they mention rain, as on “Whale Song”, it is a serene experience, not one to begrudge.

On Thursday night, Lemolo singer Meagan Grandall revealed to the Alberta Rose crowd that “Whale Song” is about her 6-year-old “neighbor girl.” This made sense, given the song’s endearing, childlike quality.

Grandall and drummer/keyboardist Kendra Cox’s shimmering tunes swaddled me in a kind of warm and fuzzy, morphine-like cocoon as I sat inside the Alberta Rose for the first time. I loved every minute of it. My only regret was they didn’t sell copies of their debut album, Kaleidoscope, out July 3, so I could make the feeling last longer.

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Beasts of the Southern Wild: My Most Anticipated Movie Of 2012

Beasts opens June 27

In my attempt to improve my ratio of good Terrebonne (La.) stories to bad Terrebonne (La.) stories, this morning I am sharing the trailer of Beasts of the Southern Wild. In case you missed it, Friday I called for Terrebonne’s sheriff to resign.

I admit I have not followed film offerings closely this year. I plan on seeing The Dictator and whatever actor Ryan Gosling comes out with next.

Beasts of the Southern Wild is my most highly anticipated film. Not just because it was shot in Terrebonne, a bayou parish where I once lived, but because of the fairy tale sense of wonder the trailer showcases. The visuals look dreamy and the bayou scenery feels like home. And little 6-year-old Quvenzhane Willis, from what I gather, is a force to be reckoned with.

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