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2015 Favorite Concerts

Surviving in New York City is hard enough without a concert addiction and Ticketmaster fees bleeding you dry. In 2015, I caught over 50 shows in NYC, and more importantly did not go broke in the process. One day I will bore my grandchildren with the tale.

Below is my 2015 Favorite Concerts list, the fruit of many lengthy rides on the N/Q, G, L, and 7 trains. Special shout-out to Mixologi and Spectrum Culture for sending me to shows in 2015.

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Cajun Tomato’s Favorite Live Music Shows of 2011


There is a gigantic learning curve associated with moving to a new city, particularly one halfway across the country. This curve extends to every part of daily life. There is a different rhythm, a different drumbeat, a different well … everything.

And so it goes with a city’s live music scene. New Orleans is a spontaneous city. You can pop inside any number of jazz clubs and see a great show any night of the week. As for national touring acts, particularly those of the indie variety, the city can be hit or miss. A partial reason? There are not a great deal of venues to host mid-sized acts.

Portland is stronger than New Orleans in terms of getting national acts but its local flavor is lacking. Good shows sell out quicker in Portland. Oftentimes that’s because scalpers purchase tickets, only to jack up prices. The Portland crowds are a little more subdued and image conscious. There are a wealth of venues of different sizes that make the Rose City an attractive tour stop.¬†Enough comparing New Orleans and Portland.

This year, I chronicled more than 40 live music acts on this blog, and that’s just a portion of the shows I attended. This is a list to celebrate the best shows I had the pleasure of seeing in Portland, as well as some great shows I saw in Chicago (Pitchfork Music Festival) and Seattle (Bumbershoot).

Without further delay, I give you my favorite live music shows of 2011:

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My Five Most Anticipated Bumbershoot Acts

Bumbershoot starts Saturday

The concept of writing about Seattle music festival Bumbershoot would not have crossed my mind two weeks ago. I had decided there was no way I wanted to pay for a festival whose headliners included Hall and Oates, Wiz Khalifa, and Ray LaMontagne. C’mon Bumbershoot!

But then a friend offered me discounted tickets and I discovered, upon further inspection, the lineup is not half bad. At least for Sunday and Monday, that is.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the five Bumbershoot acts I am most looking forward to seeing. Some I have seen, while others I have not.

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