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Most Viewed Posts (1st Quarter 2012 Edition)

King Midas Pujol

This is my 60th post of 2012. Don’t blow out the candles just yet. I set an unofficial goal for myself to post 365 times this year. I am slightly behind. I am averaging two posts every three days.

I am also averaging more than 100 page views per day this year. Not bad. The redhead in me wants more, more, MORE!!! I’ll lower my voice now.

Here are my five most viewed posts through the first three months of 2012. Guidos, meth cooks, and quarterbacks head the list. A special shout out to my friend, Jordy Pujol, who has the Midas touch when it comes to blogging. PS: The publication date is in parentheses. Interestingly, four of the five were written in January.

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“Jersey Shore” Is Back — That Can Only Mean One Thing

Deena’s cooka. Deena’s kooka. Deena’s cooka pictures uncensored.

People entered those gag-worthy terms into a search engine and ended up at the Cajun Tomato this week. I know this all-important knowledge thanks to WordPress analytics.

“Jersey Shore” — I typed “Jersey Shire” before correcting myself — is back with its fifth season Thursday night on MTV. Can you imagine Bilbo Baggins at the Shore? Or Snooki and Deena at the Shire? I digress.

I don’t know what “Jersey Shore” means to you — maybe it is guilt, maybe it is disgust, maybe it is meatball lust. For me, it means the aforementioned search items related to Deena’s vajayjay are going to cause my page views to shoot up like a Jersey hooker.

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"Jersey Shore" — Season 4, Episode 7

"Jersey Shore": My new/old addiction

WARNING: There are lots of “cooka” related spoilers in this recap so if you haven’t seen Episode 7 you probably should watch it and then read this later.

“Deena’s cooka” is the No. 1 search item for my blog today. And it’s not even close. Some people have arrived at my site by searching “Deena’s cooka pictures.”

Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t have any pictures of Deena’s “cooka.” Ironically, the mere mention of the words “pictures of Deena’s cooka” might actually bring me more page views. Hooray for the Interwebs!

If you watched Episode 7 Thursday night, you know that Deena’s cooka came out with a vengeance. She and Snooki snookered for hours.  Ooh la la! or Ugh la la! You decide!

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"Jersey Shore" — Season 4, Episode 4

"Jersey Shore": My new/old addiction

Roid rage? Check.

Lesbianic activities? Check.

Ugly tears? Check.

The fourth episode of “Jersey Shore” Season Four had a buffet of silly, manufactured drama Thursday night. And I loved each and every minute of it. Sunday’s episode should be a doozy of “Come at me, bro!” proportions.

As always, there are spoilers below, or should I write SPOILERS BELOW? PS: If you’re asking yourself why you’re reading this when you have work to do that probably means you’re doing something right. I’m looking at you, Erin. PPS: I am referring to Situation as Snitchuation in this recap for reasons I don’t need to explain, if you watched Thursday’s episode.

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