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Coachella 2012 Recap (Sunday Edition)

Seriously, y'all!

One of the best things I witnessed during Coachella was a note taped to a smoothie stand’s tip jar asking the customer to pay if they wanted a Notorious B.I.G. hologram.

Sadly, Biggie Smalls did not come back to hypnotize Coachella’s audience. I wonder what the talking heads would have said if he and Tupac’s hologram had battled on stage. That would have been a Coachella moment for the ages.
My head might have exploded.

I should not be too greedy though. Sunday delivered incredible performance after incredible performance, plus the aforementioned ‘Pac hologram. Not to mention the blueberry smoothie I had tasted exquisite in the Indio inferno. Maybe my $1 tip will go to a Biggie hologram at Coachella 2013. One can dream.

Below are recaps of the performances I witnessed during the final day of Coachella’s second weekend. Be sure to also read my Saturday recap and Friday recap.

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Coachella 2012 Playlist (Sunday Edition)

Ryan Gosling ... Not Playing Coachella

NOTE: In case you missed it, here are my picks for Friday and Saturday.

At the Drive-In+Coachella 2012’s final day=Oh My Gosling!

Aside from the reunited Hell Paso punks I am excited about seeing almost everyone on Sunday’s lineup. Of the three days, Sunday will likely offer the toughest choices once time slots are revealed.

If it is possible to see both Florence+The Machine and At the Drive-In that would be incredible. I am looking forward to Real Estate, Wild Flag, and maybe Metronomy. Tent dance party! Woohoo!

Of the 15 bands/acts I picked I have seen a grand total of zero. Yes, zero! Sunday’s going to be rad!

Click below to listen to my playlist. Enjoy!

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Live Music Or Highway Robbery?

Prince hears my cry for affordable ticket prices.

I attended my last concert — Bon Iver at Edgefield — two months ago. I paid around $45, including fees, for that outdoor show. It was sublime and worth every penny. (NOTE: As I wrote that last sentence, my bank account silently cried.)

With my concert drought in mind, I clicked on Jambase earlier this week to see who was playing in Portland. The cupboard was bare so I checked Seattle.

To my delight, I saw two shows — OK, technically three — in the near future that excited me. The first two featured The National, Local Natives, and Wye Oak playing the Neptune Theatre Wednesday and Thursday. The third starred Florence+The Machine next week at WaMu.

Awesome, right?

Yes, but … well, the price was wrong. All wrong!

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Album Review: Ceremonials by Florence+The Machine

Ceremonials out now

I have loved Florence Welch since I stumbled upon her music on YouTube more than two years ago. It was one of those recommended if you like videos. I clicked on the song  — I think it was “Dog Days Are Over” — and was mesmerized. Within minutes, I had clicked on three or four of her songs, discovering a fantastic new talent in the process.

I ranked her debut, Lungs, among my favorite albums of 2009. Since then, the album has been one I have returned to dozens of times. Its replay value is first class.

Florence+The Machine’s sophomore album, Ceremonials, has many of the same trademarks as Lungs, starting with Florence’s massive, haunting voice and her fascination with the occult and other dark themes. Tribal drums and strings also appear on many of the tracks, as they did on Lungs.

Whereas I enjoyed Lungs end-to-end, I can’t say the same thing about Ceremonials. The second half of Ceremonials is hard to listen to for two reasons: A) The songs just aren’t as invigorating — musically and lyrically — as their first half counterparts and B) Florence’s bleak lyrics become too great a mountain to climb when the music weakens.

This is by no means a great album. There are great, GREAT songs here — some of my favorites of 2011. But this 15-song album should have been edited more thoroughly.

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"What The Water Gave Me" by Florence+The Machine

The indomitable Florence Welch

Florence+The Machine invigorate the head and heart in a way few musical acts can. They convey grandeur and mysticism and ethereal beauty capable of transporting listeners to an exalted place with each listen.

At the center is Florence Welch’s boundless voice, a soaring instrument that causes shivers and leaves mouths agape. She is a firecracker whose lungs dance across the horizon before bursting in glorious fashion.

On Tuesday, Florence+The Machine released the first taste of their as yet titled sophomore album, in the form of a five-plus minute song titled “What The Water Gave Me,” an epic tune about the pitfalls of love. The group is schedule to release its follow-up to the monumental debut, Lungs, in November.

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