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Goodbye, Girls: A Jersey Boy Picks Their Best Songs

Christopher Owens and his dirty hair

Today’s both a momentous and sad day. My friend Lloyd is making his blog debut, an event I never thought I would see. And, of course, there’s the news about Girls. Take it away, Lloyd!

Leave it to Girls to break your heart on a Monday morning.

Girls frontman and chief songwriter Christopher Owens announced today on Twitter that he’s leaving the band.

Dear all, This may come as a surprise to many & has been an issue of much thought for me. My decision was not easy to make. I am leaving Girls. My reasons at this time are personal. I need to do this in order to progress. I will continue to write & record music. More will be announced soon. I thank you all for everything. Sincerely–Christopher

Girls leaves behind two stellar albums, 2011’s Father, Son and Holy Ghost and 2009’s Album as well as 2010’s Broken Dreams Club EP.

And as one should do at the end of every great relationship, it’s time to look back at the Top 5 – how it started, where it got great, when it got weird, and how we said goodbye.

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