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A Peek At Upcoming Cajun Tomato Goodness

Will she blog or won't she blog?

NOTE: I wrote this Thursday. It was merely an experiment. Writing on a phone feels restrictive. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done it much. Or maybe it’s because I was watching others eat.

Greetings everybody,

I’m experimenting today during my lunch break. I’m typing up a short blog on my phone. The keypad feels so tiny.

Right now I’m listening to coworkers talk about their eating habits. Inevitably I am surrounded by people who eat much healthier than I do. But I wonder if they enjoy their sauerkraut and broccoli as much as I enjoy my burger and fries. Tough questions as my stomach bulges.

I just ate a meatball/pepperoni sub from Subway. All that proved was I’m willing to order the most unhealthy thing even when faced with a menu of healthy options. I’m going to try to turn my habits around.

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