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Despite Recent Events, Sky Not Falling On LSU Football

Les will have plenty to cheer in 2012

From Eugene, Ore., to Gainesville, Fla., the signatures of young men will provide college football fanbases with jolts of excitement and barrels of optimism Wednesday.

Yet, I am sure there are some LSU football fans who are looking forward to Thursday. Yes, Thursday — the day after National Signing Day — so they can shift their full attention to the 2012 season.

The excitement surrounding Wednesday has been tempered a bit in Baton Rouge since five-star safety Landon Collins spurned his hometown team for Alabama and five-star quarterback Gunner Kiel decommitted from LSU in favor of Notre Dame.

Factor in LSU’s 21-0 loss to Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game three weeks ago, and some would have you believe the sky is falling in Baton Rouge.

Which is laughable.

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LSU Loss Brings Odd Sense of Closure, Relief: A Fan’s Take

NOTE: My good friend and former lafootballguys.com co-conspirator Jordy Pujol wrote this piece about life as an LSU football fan during the Jordan Jefferson/Jarrett Lee error. The future, thanfully, looks brighter. You will enjoy this piece. I know I did.

The dust has settled.

A malevolent whirlwind of images and media spin and emotions has mercifully come to a stop. We, as battle-tested Tiger fans, survey the damage. Crimson confetti adorns the once hallowed ground of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Bama fans, in their callow, unsophisticated glory, taunt us with cries of “ROLL TIDE!!!,” but we hear and feel nothing. There is only sadness, only regret, only a modicum of pride still wheezing and panting and insecurely hissing, “congrats on the season split!”

We are a beaten people.

Our Glorious Leader, Les Miles, harbinger of chagrin, waxes philosophical from the mountaintop. Jarrett Lee could not sustain the pass rush, he says. We disagree and accuse him of high treachery, but in the end we forgive him like always. He is the innocent fool, blessed and cursed to win in unprecedented numbers while simultaneously being denounced by most of his followers.

His gameplans confuse and infuriate us, yet we accept them because of the legendary Luck of the Hatter. We remember Arizona State ’05, Notre Dame ’07, Florida ’07, Arkansas ’09, Tennessee ’10, Florida ’10, Alabama ’10, and Alabama ’11 (Part 1). This diminishes the sting of Georgia ’05, Kentucky ’07, Ole Miss ’09, and Alabama ’11 (Part 2).

With the images of the BCS National Championship burned into the backs of our eyelids in 1080p High Definition, we surprisingly breathe a collective sigh of relief. Bama fans won’t get it. Florida fans couldn’t understand it. Ole Miss fans wish they had a similar problem. We are relieved to be rid of a unique situation that has divided and conquered a fanbase.

Here’s where it gets weird.

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