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Prompts: “Learning To Cope With My Sports Addiction”

Prompts is a joint creative exercise between my friend Matt W. and I. We will choose a different subject at the beginning of each week and post no more than 500 words on said topic on Fridays (or Sundays … wink, wink). Matt wrote about why he was a sports fan. I am writing about something slightly different – learning to cope with my sports addiction.

LeBron & Co. celebrate a two-peat I tried to ignore.

LeBron & Co. celebrate a two-peat I tried to ignore.

“If I cared this much about other things in my life I’d be a fully functioning adult.” ~ a text I sent to Matt on June 20, 2013.

At the moment I tapped out this text I stood inside Bowery Ballroom. Neo-hippie rocker Mikal Cronin’s fuzzed-out melancholia filled the room, yet failed to hold my attention. My focus centered on NBA Finals Game 7 between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. I refreshed my Scorecenter app on my iPhone every two minutes. I considered skipping Cronin’s concert, despite purchasing tickets a month in advance, to watch the game but figured I would be bummed if the Heat won … and I missed the concert. The Heat won that night, leaving me feeling furious despite the fact I consider their opponent, the Spurs, the human embodiment of a shoulder shrug. Cronin, poor guy, might as well have been elevator music.

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