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“Jersey Shore” — Season 5, Episode 1

Back in Jersey! Tanorexics no more!

Same Shore, Different Season. (copyrighted)

OK. There was no need to (fake) copyright that. It is not like MTV is going to read this blog and swoop in and steal that tagline. I mean, it is not even flattering.

The fifth season of “Jersey Shore” kicked off with a familiar setting (Seaside Heights) and familiar drama — Snooki and Snitchuation’s feud, a slut-tastic appearance from Snooki’s BFF Ryder, and the trials and tribulations of anxiety-ridden Vinny.

Viewers know what they are getting from “Jersey Shore” at this point — Deena’s cooka, although not in this episode. MTV knows what it is getting too — strong ratings.

Click below for my thoughts on Season 5’s debut:

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