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"Jersey Shore" — Season 4, Episode 10

No. I don't have photos of Deena's kooka.

Depending on your perspective, MTV’s “Jersey Shore” has either had its occasional low points or been one continuous low point. I am an unabashed fan of the show, and thus I would say it has had occasional low points, most of which were caused by Ronnie and Sammi “Nada Sweetheart”‘s constant bickering in Seasons 2 and 3.

Episode 10 featured the lowest moment in series history, in my humble opinion, and it had nothing to do with the castmates. It involved MTV’s decision to splice a Beavis and Butthead promo into a conversation Vinny had with his family.

I wanted to throat-punch MTV executives and claw my eyes out. Simultaneously. What in the name of Deena’s flea-bitten kooka were they trying to pull with that one?

I will leave that question unanswered. Besides revealing MTV’s utter contempt for its “Jersey Shore” audience, Episode 10 showed broken-hearted Snooki, in what has become one of Season 4’s main plotlines, lashing out at Snitchuation and trying to make up with her boyfriend, Lil Jionni.

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"Jersey Shore" — Season 4, Episode 6

"Jersey Shore": My new/old addiction

“Jersey Shore” has taught viewers important lessons over the years like how to execute the perfect fist pump, the virtues of GTL, and when it’s appropriate to hook up with a housemate (always). We’ve also learned that when you say your only rule is not to fall in love at the Shore you should probably keep that rule.

And this year is once again teaching us that if you are a juicehead gorilla — or any man — you have to know when to break up with your psychotic on again, off again bronzed nutjob — or lady friend. Thanks Ronnie for being a selfless teacher. :)

Episode 6 illustrated this lesson yet again with Ronnie and Sammi “Nada Sweetheart” pledging to give it one last try. At this point, they are treating viewers like special needs learners. Truth is they are special needs learners, when it comes to love.

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"Jersey Shore" — Season 4, Episode 3

"Jersey Shore": My new/old addiction

I promised Miss Rhode Island, Natalie Worsham, I would sum up “Jersey Shore” Season 4, Episode 3 while on my lunch break today. Well, here I am on my late lunch break (actually, a coffee break) typing a few thoughts on the episode, which aired last Thursday.

I encourage you to also check out my thoughts on Episode 1 and Episode 2. Yes, I am a grown-ass man writing about guidos and guidettes. Tis the life of kings.

WARNING: There are plenty of spoilers below. If you haven’t seen the third episode, you probably should do that before reading further.

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"Jersey Shore" — Season 4, Episode 1

"Jersey Shore": My new/old addiction

The “Jersey Shore” housemates are my cigarettes. I want to quit them. I know they’re bad for me. They have polluted my brain for three seasons. And yet I can’t kick them. I am addicted. Hopelessly addicted.

I managed to wait four days after Season 4’s premiere before viewing it. I can promise that won’t happen with future episodes. From what I saw from the season preview and what I have read about the season online, I have decided there is no point fighting my addiction to “Jersey Shore.” Not at least until MTV makes wholesale changes to the cast after Season Five, which has already been filmed.

Below are my thoughts about “Jersey Shore”: Season 4, Episode 1. It was not the best “Jersey Shore” episode I have seen, but as an introductory episode it succeeded in illustrating just how far out of their element the castmates are/were.

WARNING: If you have not seen the first episode, you probably should stop reading here.

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