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“Jersey Shore” — Season 5, Episode 3

Same Shore, Different Season

Depending on whether you take I-9 North or Garden State Parkway North, Seaside Heights, N.J., is either 58 or 63 miles from Staten Island, N.Y., according to mapquest.com.

I mention this because on last week’s “Jersey Shore” — I just watched it tonight because I just broke free from a “Dexter” marathon — the housemates moped about the departure of everyone’s BFF, Vinny, in a manner that made it seem like he moved across the globe.

Thing is he only went 90 minutes away, tops. Rumor has it one guido can see another guido fist pump from that distance, if they have the right amount of gel in their hair and at least one guidette in the club is DTF. Rumor also has it Pauly D’s blowout was the first visible from space, but I digress.

Vinny’s departure from the show amid anxiety issues, while likely a short-lived hiatus, provided some much-needed drama to a house low on surprises as Season 5 started. There are only so many times Snooki can fall down, Deena can expose her kooka and Snitchuation can be Snitchuation before it gets tiresome.

There are only so many times I can write about “Jersey Shore” before … nah, it will continue to be awesome. Cab’s here!

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