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Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 11

Professor Thoms viewing party poster

WARNING: Spoilers. Guacamole. Spoilers.

I have this irrational viewing tic where anytime Jesse Pinkman encounters danger on “Breaking Bad” I fear he might die. I say this is irrational because Pinkman is the show’s moral compass and because the actor who plays him – Aaron Paul – is a gem. Jesse will make it … at least until this upcoming Sunday night’s episode.

Which is more than I expected, I admit. I started bracing myself for Pinkman’s demise during the commercial break prior to the final scene in last Sunday’s episode titled “Confessions”. I just had a bad feeling. I’ve had that feeling before and was wrong – WAY WRONG. This time though I just knew, and then I learned I didn’t.

Keep this in mind while reading more thoughts about “Breaking Bad” Season 5, Episode 11 “Confessions” and the show’s final five episodes.

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