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Cajun Tomato’s Most Viewed Posts Jan. 8-15, 2012

That distant, yet clear sound you hear is me screaming “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” at the top of my lungs. There is no end in sight to my furor. Hell, the next football season is eight months away. I might yell my lungs out. I might not. We shall see. Oh! The intrigue!

The ironic thing about LSU and the Saints each wrapping their seasons in disappointing, yet wildly different fashions is not that I am still smarting from their losses days later. It is that they, in turn, sparked my highest page view count in the history of this blog. For that, I owe a large debt of gratitude to my friend, Jordy Pujol.

Here were the five most viewed posts for Jan. 8-15:
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LSU Loss Brings Odd Sense of Closure, Relief: A Fan’s Take

NOTE: My good friend and former lafootballguys.com co-conspirator Jordy Pujol wrote this piece about life as an LSU football fan during the Jordan Jefferson/Jarrett Lee error. The future, thanfully, looks brighter. You will enjoy this piece. I know I did.

The dust has settled.

A malevolent whirlwind of images and media spin and emotions has mercifully come to a stop. We, as battle-tested Tiger fans, survey the damage. Crimson confetti adorns the once hallowed ground of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Bama fans, in their callow, unsophisticated glory, taunt us with cries of “ROLL TIDE!!!,” but we hear and feel nothing. There is only sadness, only regret, only a modicum of pride still wheezing and panting and insecurely hissing, “congrats on the season split!”

We are a beaten people.

Our Glorious Leader, Les Miles, harbinger of chagrin, waxes philosophical from the mountaintop. Jarrett Lee could not sustain the pass rush, he says. We disagree and accuse him of high treachery, but in the end we forgive him like always. He is the innocent fool, blessed and cursed to win in unprecedented numbers while simultaneously being denounced by most of his followers.

His gameplans confuse and infuriate us, yet we accept them because of the legendary Luck of the Hatter. We remember Arizona State ’05, Notre Dame ’07, Florida ’07, Arkansas ’09, Tennessee ’10, Florida ’10, Alabama ’10, and Alabama ’11 (Part 1). This diminishes the sting of Georgia ’05, Kentucky ’07, Ole Miss ’09, and Alabama ’11 (Part 2).

With the images of the BCS National Championship burned into the backs of our eyelids in 1080p High Definition, we surprisingly breathe a collective sigh of relief. Bama fans won’t get it. Florida fans couldn’t understand it. Ole Miss fans wish they had a similar problem. We are relieved to be rid of a unique situation that has divided and conquered a fanbase.

Here’s where it gets weird.

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LSU-Bama, Round Two: What The Hell Was That?

As atrocious national title performances go, LSU’s wipeout against Alabama in the BCS National Title Game Monday night felt eerily similar to Butler’s horrendous showing in the 2011 NCAA Final Four.

Butler, if you recall, shot 18 percent in its 53-41 loss to UCONN in last April’s title game. LSU managed just 91 yards of offense in its 21-0 loss to Alabama. Neither Butler nor LSU appeared capable of mounting a serious threat, making their losses even more agonizing.

Yes, I realize comparing basketball to football is a statistical stretch. Offensive futility is offensive futility, though, and both losses cast a shadow on otherwise fine seasons.

I know the cliches too. Sometimes it is not your night, the better team won, yada yada. I would like to enter a new cliche into the lexicon: What the hell was that?

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Legacies At Stake in LSU-Bama Clash (Plus Prediction)

Will Les Miles win his second title tonight?

My Pacific Northwest friends are not too jazzed about tonight’s LSU-Alabama BCS National Championship Game. I have heard the term boring used several times.

No, tonight’s game will not be the second coming of this year’s Alamo Bowl, in which Baylor defeated Washington, 67-56. This second installment of LSU-Bama will be a slugfest, an affair where every yard has significance.

LSU-Bama: Round Two could be played in the low teens, or not. LSU won the first game 9-6 in overtime, after all.

This game is not about style points though. It is about legacies.

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LSU-Florida NCAA Football Live Blog

LSU QB Jarrett Lee

Good afternoon everyone,

It is I, the Cajun Tomato, coming to you live from Portland, Ore. I just ate two egg and ham breakfast sandwiches and am prepared to blog 5,000 words or so about today’s SEC matchup between No. 1 LSU and No. 17 Florida in Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, La.

The big plotline today should be quarterback play. LSU plans to increase Jordan Jefferson’s role in his second game back after being reinstated onto the team. Meanwhile, Florida is starting freshman Jeff Driskel after starter John Brantley suffered a lower leg injury against Alabama.

Driskel, rivals.com’s top QB prospect from the 2011 class, will have to overcome his own inexperience, LSU’s blindingly fast defense, and the deafening crowd noise in Death Valley. Florida will need to have success in the running game, with speedsters Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey, to have any shot in today’s game.

For LSU, Jefferson and starter Jarrett Lee must protect the football. They must also capitalize when given the opportunity in the vertical passing game. Jefferson will be particularly dangerous in this regard because Florida will expect more of a run-based offense when he enters the game.

My gut tells me LSU wins this game, 31-10. Driskel is due for two or three turnovers today. LSU will convert those turnovers into points, and keep rolling toward its Nov. 5 SEC West battle with Alabama.

Click below to follow my live blog of today’s game! All times in Pacific Standard Time.

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And Now Starting At Quarterback For LSU … Jarrett Lee?

LSU QB Jarrett Lee

Former state pariah Jarrett Lee will line up underneath center when No. 4 LSU takes the field against No. 3 Oregon Sept. 3 in Cowboys Stadium. It is not a done deal, of course, but it feels like a foregone conclusion as more details trickle out of Baton Rouge about a bar fight last Friday allegedly involving Tigers starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson.

According to Baton Rouge TV station WAFB, 10 people say they witnessed Jefferson kick a Marine in the head in a melee that sent four non-LSU football players to the hospital. If the allegations are true, I encourage LSU Coach Les Miles to bench Jefferson for the Oregon game. If Jefferson is charged with a felony, he should be suspended indefinitely.

Jefferson’s alleged actions came two weeks before one of the most highly anticipated nonconference games in LSU history. Yet, some among LSU’s fanbase believe the prospect of Jefferson getting suspended for the Oregon game is an odd stroke of luck.

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Cajun Tomato's Five Keys To The LSU-Oregon Game

The game will be broadcast on ABC.

NOTE: I know I am way early, but I just couldn’t help myself.

In one month, LSU will take the field against Oregon inside Cowboys Stadium in one of the most heavily hyped early season college football matchups in recent years.

I started talking trash about the game months ago. I see no reason to stop talking trash now. LSU, I remind my Oregon friends, is a two-time BCS national champion. Oregon, I add, is a one-time BCS national runner-up.

See the difference?

The trash talk will come to a head Sept. 3. Both programs are expected to enter the season in the Top 10. Both programs could use a victory in their opening game to springboard them to the 2012 BCS National Championship Game. Plus: I am hoping for a victory so I don’t have to eat crow when I return to work the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Here are the five keys to the game as I see them right now:

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LSU QB Questions Remain Entering 2011 Campaign

The post-game soundbites from LSU coaches and players after the team’s Purple and White scrimmage suggested starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson had made strides this spring.

“He wants to lead this team,” LSU coach Les Miles told reporters after the scrimmage. “I think he wants to have a great final campaign. I think he realizes he’s more capable than he has played. We threw the ball much better in the spring. I think Jordan Jefferson is much improved.”

After the game, team coaches awarded Jefferson the team’s Jimmy Taylor Award for leadership, effort, and performance. Yet another sign of positive development, right?

But as ESPN commentator Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast, sweetheart!”

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