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Gannett's Page View Bonus Plan Is A Farce

Ed. Note: I will probably revisit this issue at a later date when I’ve had more time to reflect on it. This is my initial thought process. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Today I read on The Big Lead blog about Gannett’s plan to pay bonuses to writers according to how many page views their online posts generate.

Gannett is a company that owns USA Today and several other newspapers, and has a reputation of working its employees to the bone.

While I support rewarding journalists for their work, I also support programs, such as the New York Times Co.’s Chairman’s Award, that reward journalists for breaking challenging stories that better inform the public.

Paying journalists bonuses according to page views does not encourage better stories. It encourages reporters to cut corners and headline writers to embrace their more salacious instincts.

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Homicide by David Simon: A Cajun Tomato Chat

Proof Simon is a genius!

Ed. Note: My friend and fellow journalist, Nate Monroe, decided to experiment tonight while talking about a mutual interest of ours — David Simon’s seminal journalism work, Homicide: A Year On the Killing Streets. We did a gmail chat much in the same manner we would have done a podcast. Here is a transcript of our chat. Enjoy!
PS: Nate is denoted in the conversation as “me.” I am “raybaybay3.”

This Is Not For The Cajun Tomato: Blog Ethics Thoughts

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From time to time, I blog about people I know and conversations I have had with them. I don’t consider this blog a journal, but occasionally it touches upon aspects of my daily life.

With that in mind, I was talking with a friend the other day when he told me something in confidence. This is not for The Cajun Tomato, he started the story. That made us both laugh. I had not considered anything in our conversation blog fodder, much less the most intimate details.

What he told me was certainly not something I would consider writing about. But his blog-referencing comment brought up a few interesting questions in my head.

Where does one draw the line in terms of what they blog or put on the Internet? Does that line change when it involves friends or is it across the board? Also, should you ask friends if you are going to blog about something that could be potentially embarrassing to them? (What you might not find embarrassing they might find so yada yada yada.)

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