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4/20: "Portland Has The Best Weed In The World"

Portland has the best weed in the world. I’ve heard variations of this line countless times since moving here in December.┬áIt’s an assertion, whether true or false, that Portlanders take pride in. The fandom for the local sticky-icky borders on hero worship normally reserved for local athletes or a handful of musicians.

Many of the people who have made the claim about Portland’s weed being superior to others across the world have visited Amsterdam. Doesn’t hold a candle to Portland, they say. Portland weed is more potent and cheaper. It’s hell for dealers, but heaven for consumers. And there are PLENTY of consumers.

I bring this all up because today is April 20 or 4/20, the unofficial holiday of smokerdom. I half expect clouds of eye-irritating smoke to swallow Portland this afternoon. After all, it is the mecca of the underground smellroad, a term I am borrowing from Andre 3000, a man I am sure has inhaled once or twice.

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