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Stepping Out Of The Dark: A Seattleite’s Comedy Debut

The path to comedy stardom?

Here at Cajun Tomato world headquarters in east Harlem I welcome guest submissions. Today, I have the pleasure of sharing my friend Matt Wastradowski‘s recap of his stand-up comedy debut. Enjoy!

The bitter taste of a warm IPA lingers as I absentmindedly tap my foot under a small table in the darkened club. Tonight’s open-mic host steps to the stage, thanks the previous comic, and calls the final performer of the night: “Matt W.”

I take a deep breath, step onto the carpeted stage, and turn to the audience, ready to make my stand-up comedy debut. But whatever nerves I wrestled with in the previous two hours have been pushed aside for a startling realization: I can’t see the crowd.

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“Gingers Goin’ Gorillas” Podcast, Take 4: 2012 Albums

Japandroids @ One Eyed Jacks in NOLA.

The first great album of 2012 is …. ???

Honestly, this year’s musical releases feel comparable to Portland’s weather. I keep hoping for a great album, just like I keep waiting for warmer weather, and neither has arrived yet.

Matt Wastradowski and yours truly recently spoke about the lack of a great album thus far in 2012 and the albums that could fill that void as the year progresses.

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“Gingers Goin’ Gorillas” Podcast, Take 3: Blowing Up The Blazers, Goodbye Nate, And What The Offseason Holds

Nate McMillan’s firing as the Portland Trail Blazers coach shocked exactly no one. His team quit on him. That was never more evident than during its seven-game road trip where they trailed by 35 or more against the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks.

The 42-point loss to the Knicks Thursday was the straw that broke McMillan’s back.

The team’s implosion also led to much shuffling and near shuffling at the trade deadline, and undoubtedly will lead to much shuffling in the offseason.

The Trail Blazers just three or four years ago looked like a team set to compete in the Western Conference for the next decade. Now, they look like a team in need of a complete overhaul.

Here’s Matt Wastradowski and yours truly talking about the Blazers. RIP CITY!

“Gingers Goin’ Gorillas” Podcast, Take 2: On The Blazers’ Road Woes, Trade Rumors, And Nate McMillan’s Job Future

Matt Wastradowski and I recorded our second “Gingers Goin’ Gorillas” podcast Sunday night sans my intimidating gorilla roar.

We talked about the Blazers’ current road trip, what they need to get in return for trading Jamal Crawford (if they trade him), and what’s ahead for coach Nate McMillan. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Does it require microfracture surgery to achieve it?

All answers provided in our podcast! Check it!