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Totally A-mazin: My Favorite Mets Moments Of 2013 (So Far)

Gooden and Garden Gnome, Chillin'

Throughout Wednesday night’s Mets-Rockies game a skinny, heavily tattooed Latino man with a jet black ponytail two rows behind me hollered Spanish phrases punctuated with “Harv-eeeeeee”. His futbol announcer’s exuberance provided, for me at least, an unintelligible, but welcome soundtrack as Mets ace Matt Harvey motored toward his first MLB shutout. At one point while filled with ecstasy our “announcer” friend declared Harvey a cowboy who gets all the ladies, according to my girlfriend Kerry who is hip on Spanish slang.

Harvey has provided Mets fans reason for excitement every fifth day during a season destined for Nowheresville since April. On this particular night with victory all but assured entering the ninth inning, the faithful saluted the 24-year-old righthander’s efforts, rising from their seats and chanting his name like a thunderous choir. After Harvey recorded two quick outs, a line drive off his right knee for a base hit momentarily hushed the crowd. Harvey waved off the training staff and induced a pop out from Troy Tulowitzki to finish his masterpiece.

In Harv-eeeeeeeeee’s honor here are my favorite Mets moments of 2013 (so far):

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