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Prompts: “The City I Most Want To Visit In 2014″

Prompts is a joint creative exercise between my friend Matt W. and I. We will choose a different subject at the beginning of each week and post no more than 500 words on said topic on Fridays.

Montreal's Biosphere is among the Quebec city's Epcot Center-themed attractions.

Montreal’s Biosphere is among the Quebec city’s Epcot Center-themed attractions.

The City I Most Want To Visit In 2014 – Montreal

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Islands & Rick Ross: The Best Band T-Shirt Ever?


I purchased this T-shirt Sunday night at Islands’ show at Mississippi Studios in northeast Portland. The shirt sadly eclipsed the show as the highlight of my evening.

Islands frontman Nick Thorburn was in a “weird” mood, he told the audience. Perhaps that explained why the set was so low energy. The set’s focus on the band’s newer material, which focuses on the cloudier side of life, did not help matters. Nor did the fact there were several rows of chairs in front of the stage. Who does that? And why?

Oh well. I can’t wait to wear this shirt again and again this summer. BAWSE!!!