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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Electrify MusicFest Northwest

Macklemore crushin' it!

Seattle hip-hop act Macklemore and Ryan Lewis put on a kingmaking performance Friday night inside Portland’s Roseland Theater as part of MusicFest Northwest 2011. The show had everything you could ask for: incredible music, incredible crowd energy, and incredible charisma from Macklemore.

Prior to Friday night, I had heard a few tracks from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis I enjoyed. If I had any doubts about attending the show, Portland weekly newspaper Willamette Week ended them by blasting Macklemore on its cover this week. The music and the hype were enough to bring me and 1,200 others out.

The crowd reaction two songs in was about as deafening as I have heard in a venue this size. You would have sworn Macklemore was hip-hop Jesus incarnate. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first. White rapper hype can be deceiving, especially in a place as vanilla as Portland. But Macklemore earned every ounce of the crowd’s love.

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Today I Will Fry An Egg On The Sidewalk Near My House

NOTE: This post is dedicated to my father, who showed me through the years talking about the weather could be more than mindless chatter — it could be an artform.

The high temperature today in Portland is an ungodly 96 degrees! ┬áThe high temperature in New Orleans today? 79 flippin’ degrees.

It’s like that movie where Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds switched roles. Except it’s involving weather and is guaranteed to generate more laughs.

Alas, the current temperature in Portland is 59. Sweater weather. This afternoon it will be sweat weather. Or south Louisiana weather minus the crazy humidity, popcorn showers, and unrelenting cavalry of kamikaze mosquitoes.

It’s also important to note Portland did not just receive 10+ inches of rain from a tropical storm. That undoubtedly has something to do with New Orleans’ cool temps today.

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