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Rap Collective Odd Future Proving Its More Than A Fad

The members of Odd Future.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Odd Future’s wow-inducing star turn on Jimmy Fallon, and asked whether they were the future of rap. In the same post, I mentioned that I could just as easily see them being a passing fad.

Since the Fallon appearance, none other than hip-hop luminaries Kanye West, P. Diddy, and Clipse’s Pusha T have sought out or recognized the collective, most notably its leader, Tyler, the Creator. The influential indie music site Pitchfork has also been generous in its praise of Tyler, the Creator, dating before his Fallon performance with Hodgy Beats.

The groundswell of hype has turned Tyler, the Creator into a budding phenomenon. He has more than 88,000 Twitter followers, for instance. While that’s nothing compared to Kanye or Lady Gaga, it is signficantly more than he had two months ago, and that following will only get larger after his forthcoming album, Goblin, drops next month.

So while it remains to be seen whether California-based Odd Future, with its oddball lyrics, thick beats, and largely anti-hook mentality, is the future of rap, it is safe to say they aren’t a passing fad.

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This Is Not For The Cajun Tomato: Blog Ethics Thoughts

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From time to time, I blog about people I know and conversations I have had with them. I don’t consider this blog a journal, but occasionally it touches upon aspects of my daily life.

With that in mind, I was talking with a friend the other day when he told me something in confidence. This is not for The Cajun Tomato, he started the story. That made us both laugh. I had not considered anything in our conversation blog fodder, much less the most intimate details.

What he told me was certainly not something I would consider writing about. But his blog-referencing comment brought up a few interesting questions in my head.

Where does one draw the line in terms of what they blog or put on the Internet? Does that line change when it involves friends or is it across the board? Also, should you ask friends if you are going to blog about something that could be potentially embarrassing to them? (What you might not find embarrassing they might find so yada yada yada.)

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ON BLAST: Frank Ocean's Nostalgia/Ultra

Check out this mixtape NOW!!!

There was a time not so long ago when musical artists flocked to MySpace to showcase their latest efforts. The site was particularly important for up-and-coming acts.

These days Twitter is a growing hub to find out about new music, if not listen to it. Granted, the site does not offer a music player like MySpace or Facebook. But it does feature links out the wazoo and interesting dialogue between artists (see: Tyler, the Creator and Pusha T of Clipse and Tyler, the Creator and Kanye West).

I first heard about R&B rookie Frank Ocean, he of the polished sound and Odd Future pedigree, through a tweet from hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco saying he had listened to Ocean rather than Radiohead during a flight to Atlanta. (NOTE: Odd Future is known for its left field raps; Ocean does not rap on Nostalgia/Ultra)

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