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“Jersey Shore” Is Back — That Can Only Mean One Thing

Deena’s cooka. Deena’s kooka. Deena’s cooka pictures uncensored.

People entered those gag-worthy terms into a search engine and ended up at the Cajun Tomato this week. I know this all-important knowledge thanks to WordPress analytics.

“Jersey Shore” — I typed “Jersey Shire” before correcting myself — is back with its fifth season Thursday night on MTV. Can you imagine Bilbo Baggins at the Shore? Or Snooki and Deena at the Shire? I digress.

I don’t know what “Jersey Shore” means to you — maybe it is guilt, maybe it is disgust, maybe it is meatball lust. For me, it means the aforementioned search items related to Deena’s vajayjay are going to cause my page views to shoot up like a Jersey hooker.

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"Jersey Shore" — Season 4, Episode 3

"Jersey Shore": My new/old addiction

I promised Miss Rhode Island, Natalie Worsham, I would sum up “Jersey Shore” Season 4, Episode 3 while on my lunch break today. Well, here I am on my late lunch break (actually, a coffee break) typing a few thoughts on the episode, which aired last Thursday.

I encourage you to also check out my thoughts on Episode 1 and Episode 2. Yes, I am a grown-ass man writing about guidos and guidettes. Tis the life of kings.

WARNING: There are plenty of spoilers below. If you haven’t seen the third episode, you probably should do that before reading further.

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“Jersey Shore” Season 3, Episode 1 Thoughts

I can’t refer to “Jersey Shore”, MTV’s reality show showcasing the ridiculous antics of a group of twenty-something guidos and guidettes, as a guilty pleasure. To do so would imply I am ashamed I enjoy the show. That’s not the case.

I enjoy the absurd theater the show’s eight cast members — with their perfectly coiffed hair, blinding orange tans, and short fuses — create on a weekly basis. It’s lowest common denominator viewing, but it is consistently entertaining.

I missed the season debut of “Jersey Shore” on Thursday. It’s hard to have appointment viewing when you don’t have cable. But I watched the show today online at the coffee shop. It made me laugh out loud several times. I’m not too proud.

Click the link below for my thoughts on Season Three’s First Episode:

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