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“Cajun Justice” Sheriff Should Resign Following DWI Intervention

King Vernon Bourgeois

Three weeks from now, millions of Americans will be introduced to “Cajun Justice” on A&E. I encourage you to read my post on why this TV show is/was/will forever be a terrible idea.

The Cajun culture has already been raped enough by outsiders looking to make a quick buck. A&E’s show promises to be no different, with its laughable references to treacherous swamplands and “Rougarous” and bloated comparisons of Terrebonne Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois to a king.

The cable channel’s likening of Bourgeois to a king seemed oddly fitting today after my old newspaper broke a story that he intervened during a DWI arrest involving an alleged drunk man driving a golf cart. It turned out the suspect’s family donated to Bourgeois’ election campaign four years ago.

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“Rougarou” Talk Says All You Need To Know About A&E’s “Cajun Justice”

Rarely in life does the term “Rougarou” say it all. A&E’s press release for its upcoming “Cajun Justice” reality TV show starring the Terrebonne (La.) Sheriff’s Office is one of those times.

To call this “reality” show, set to debut June 7, a farce is too kind. To call former Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois a publicity hungry shyster is perhaps just right.

Clearly, “Cajun Justice” is less about a law-enforcement department serving its community than it is a sheriff serving his ego. It is my belief Bourgeois should resign now.

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