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Tebow A Pandora’s Box Ryan Unwilling to Open To Bitter End

When will I play, Mark?

“For God so loved the New York Jets and their fans he gave his only begotten football player, Timothy, so that anyone who believed in him would not perish but have everlasting Super Bowls.” St. Timothy 3:16

The God in my fictional Bible verse did not bestow Tim Tebow on the Jets as a punt protector. He did not bestow him as a wildcat quarterback or a GQ cover model either. OK, maybe he gave him as a GQ cover model.

God so loved the Jets he gave them Tebow as a starting quarterback. Not just any starting quarterback, but a proven leader and winner of a 2011 AFC divisional playoff. Jets coach Rex Ryan turned his back on Tebow like a modern day Judas. Ryan sealed Tebow’s fate not with a kiss, but by starting Greg McElroy at quarterback in Week 16.

In an ironic twist, Ryan will be crucified by the New York media and Jets fans. Tebow will assume his hallowed seat – on the bench – and then after the game hop a plane to Jacksonville, where he will play next season.

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