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This Is Not For The Cajun Tomato: Blog Ethics Thoughts

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From time to time, I blog about people I know and conversations I have had with them. I don’t consider this blog a journal, but occasionally it touches upon aspects of my daily life.

With that in mind, I was talking with a friend the other day when he told me something in confidence. This is not for The Cajun Tomato, he started the story. That made us both laugh. I had not considered anything in our conversation blog fodder, much less the most intimate details.

What he told me was certainly not something I would consider writing about. But his blog-referencing comment brought up a few interesting questions in my head.

Where does one draw the line in terms of what they blog or put on the Internet? Does that line change when it involves friends or is it across the board? Also, should you ask friends if you are going to blog about something that could be potentially embarrassing to them? (What you might not find embarrassing they might find so yada yada yada.)

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Tucker Max Protest Redux

The protest's target. Photo credit: Cajun Tomato

I didn’t set out to chronicle bestselling author Tucker Max’s signing event last month when I walked into Powell’s Bookstore in Portland. I just wanted to find a book to read on the plane flight back to Louisiana a few days later.

But the protest outside the store grabbed my attention. It wasn’t the number of protestors, but their signs and chants that sparked my curiousity. Their words were angry, even cartoonishly so in some instances.

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Tucker Max book signing inspires bizarre protest

PORTLAND — As I walked into Powell’s Books in Portland Friday night, I spotted a young woman in front of the store holding a cardboard sign with a bizarre question, to put it mildly.

“Isn’t rape hilarious?” the woman’s sign sarcastically read. There were about 20 or so protestors with signs of a similar vein, but that one stuck with me.

What was the meaning of this odd query? Who  was it directed toward? Is non-consensual sex really funny, and I’m just missing the joke?

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