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“Pledging Independence From Ignorance”

Wrote this in my Notes app on my phone at 3 in the morning. I watched a Vice video about blowing up mountaintops to extract coal minutes before. It made me question why we fight for some lives but not others. Our righteousness is rags – that’s something I learned in a fundamentalist church and still believe.

Stupidity reigns supreme in the 21st century
When sheep lead sheep toward rising seas
You mean to tell me, pastor
God cares more about sodomy
Than how we treat the least of these
Seems your gospel is the devil’s creed
You mean it’s kosher to turn God’s creation to feces
In the name of corporate greed, a false deity enslaving many
Why fight for the unborn’s heartbeat
If we’re content to let them enter a world of unchecked atrocity
They will forgive us one day, maybe
Long after a woman has total control over her body
And sexual preference is not prerequisite to marry
And people realize their true meaning (to love)
That is my hope, at least