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Hipster’s Haircut Threatens To Overshadow Washed Out

One of these nights I’ll recap Coachella’s final day, namely the At the Drive-In reunion, the Tupac hologram and everything else under the scorching Indio, Calif., sun. Alas, tonight is not that night.

In the meantime, I have the next best thing (sort of): A review of Atlanta-based “chillwave” act Washed Out’s sold-out show Monday night inside Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge. I put chillwave in quotes because I think the label is a misnomer in Washed Out’s case.

Several factors threatened to sabotage this show for me: 1) the presence of the most obnoxious hipster haircut I have laid eyes on; 2) the derivative opening act Memoryhouse and their abortion of a My Bloody Valentine cover; and 3) Washed Out frontman Ernest Greene’s “inside” singing voice.

Yet, I exited Doug Fir impressed with Washed Out’s ability to wash over, for lack of a better term, all those obstacles and churn out a pleasant, if not great, set.

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Cajun Tomato’s Favorite Songs of ’09

Hi there. Outside my door, a firefight is happening. Or at least it sounds like Fallujah. Not sure if the neighborhood kids are killing each other or just letting off some steam. Either way, sounds like they’re having a blast. The New Year will be here in five hours. Crazy to think. In honor of the New Year, I decided to rank my favorite songs of the year. 2009 was loaded with invigorating music. My goal was to pick my 20 favorite songs. This is not a “best of” list. REPEAT: This is not a “best of” list. Just songs — some mainstream, some obscure — that pleased my eardrums and captured my attention. Hope you enjoy!

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