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Voodoo Fest 2015 Picks

Maybe it says something about New Orleans’ Voodoo Fest that I forgot the three-day event centered around Halloween was this weekend until a friend asked me who she should see on Friday. Maybe it also says something about me that I have no idea what day of the week it is most of the time.

Voodoo Fest aka Voodoo Music + Arts Experience traditionally features a handful of acts I want to see and a barrel full of acts I don’t for the $235 three-day admission price. This year’s lineup leans a little more toward my preferences in hip hop and rock music. No lie, I am kinda sad I am a pauper and unable to fly down on a whim for Voodoo. (Also: I am kinda sad I am a pauper, period.)

Below are my Voodoo Fest 2015 picks for those lucky enough to score passes.

 Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas. Friday, 4:30 p.m. This Detroit-based electro blues outfit has a magnetic frontwoman and a great, underrated record, Secret Evil, at its disposal to win over the Friday afternoon crowd. I also recommend Jason Isbell and Frank Turner on Friday if you’re looking for guitar-driven performances.

Joey Bada$$ and the Soul Rebels. Friday, 6 p.m. Brooklyn young gawd Joey Bada$$ – the 20-year-old behind the critically acclaimed 2015 record B4.Da.$$ and one of the founders of Pro Era – teams with NOLA’s own brass destroyers the Soul Rebels. I am pretty sure if I caught this collab it would ruin me for future Joey Bada$$ shows.

Florence + The Machine. Friday, 9:30 p.m. Witnessed global pop star Florence performing on the Today Show in NYC at like 8 in the morning this summer and she sounded INCREDIBLE. So, yeah, I’d expect nothing but fireworks from her Voodoo headlining set.

Peaches. Saturday, 5:15 p.m. Biased toward Peaches, admittedly, because my Bayou sleaze punk group In The Gravels once closed a show with a cover of “Fuck the Pain Away,” and it might have been the best/worst thing to ever happen in the venue, the city, the state, etc. So, yeah. Peaches.

Chance the Rapper. Sunday, 3:30.  I am a little perplexed that Chicago’s hottest young MC, slayer of a 1,000 guest verses in 2015, is playing mid-afternoon at the same time a Saints home game is wrapping up in the Dome. Hmmm. Conspiracy? I kid. I am filled with legit envy of the people who are gonna see Chance bless NOLA.


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